Sellers October 13, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Concierge Listing Services

Revealing the secrets of concierge listing services and how they can help you sell your home.

Are you ready to list your Fairfield home in the coming months? Do you worry about how it will stack up against other houses for sale, and want to take action to help it sell quickly and for the highest price? One of the best ways to improve your odds of success when listing a Fairfield home for sale is to work with an experienced local agent who has access to concierge listing service tools. Not familiar with what a concierge listing service is, or how it could assist your sale? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a Concierge Listing Service?

Concierge listing services are custom marketing programs designed to help agents sell your home. The Coldwell Banker Listing Concierge service assists Fairfield real estate agents by offering them a variety of marketing packages, which combine automated online tools with personalized services to help agents sell properties quickly and effectively. The service utilizes direct mail, social media advertising, photography, brochures, television advertising, and more to increase the reach of each listing and appeal to ideal buyers.

How Does a Concierge Listing Service Help a Fairfield Real Estate Agent Sell Your Home?

Effective marketing strategies are vital to selling homes—especially in the current Fairfield real estate market, which favors the buyer. More and more buyers interested in homes for sale in Fairfield are finding them online, which means online marketing campaigns are key to appealing to these shoppers. Research has shown that properties marketed with the Listing Concierge sell for approximately 2 to 7% more than those that are not. In addition, sellers working with a Listing Concierge-using agent rate themselves as happier with their service, compared to sellers who work with an agent lacking this tool.

Most agents don’t have the time nor expertise to effectively market homes that they represent on their own. Smaller teams also don’t have the luxury of having an in-house marketing expert, who’d normally develop a strategic campaign using social media ads, landing pages, Google ads, and other more traditional forms of marketing to help a home sell. When your Fairfield real estate agent uses Listing Concierge, they have a highly trained marketing specialist by their side throughout the life of the listing, helping them build a campaign that delivers results.

Tips on Preparing Your Home for Marketing

Though research shows that using a concierge listing service helps homes sell for more, your Fairfield property should first be prepared properly for the tool to be effective. Here are some tips on preparing your home for listing so it can be marketed effectively.

  • Declutter and depersonalize. Help your home shine in professional images and video tours by removing clutter such as knickknacks, extra clothing, and anything else that you won’t need immediate access to during the selling process. You should also remove any unique artwork, furnishings, or decor that may not appeal to a wide range of buyers—err on the side of a safe, clean look.
  • Repaint. Your family may love your living room’s purple accent wall or your toddler’s pink bedroom, but potential buyers likely won’t. Repaint each room in neutral tones so buyers can see a blank canvas ready to be customized to their own tastes.
  • Hire professional cleaners. No matter how well you’ve kept up on housekeeping, you need to take your home’s level of cleanliness to the next level before you list it. The best way to ensure your home sparkles is to hire a professional cleaning company that specializes in prepping houses for sale in Fairfield.
  • Remove all signs of pets. You may love your furry friends, but many buyers will view animals in a negative light when they are looking at homes. Move your pets in with a friend or family member during the selling process, and remove all signs of them including food bowls, litter boxes, pet beds, and toys.
  • Stage it. Houses for sale in Fairfield that are professionally staged sell for up to 20% more than unstaged homes. Staging involves the rearranging or addition/removal of decor and furnishings to help your home appeal to your ideal buyer. If you don’t want to use a professional, you can stage your home yourself—or have it virtually staged for buyers browsing online.
  • Increase curb appeal. Whether interested buyers first see your home online or in person, the first impression they’ll get will likely be from the exterior. Make sure that first impression is a good one by keeping your lawn, bushes, and trees tidy and ensuring that your drive and walkway are free of cracks or other issues. Place some potted flowers and plants near the entry, and arrange a colorful welcome mat at the front door. Consider re-painting or replacing your mailbox, garage door, and front door to make your home appear welcoming and well-cared for.
  • Add some final touches. You want those who view your home to feel welcome and comfortable, so setting the mood is essential. After marketing photos are taken and before the first buyer walks in the front door, set the table with fine dishes, a table runner, and cloth napkins. Add a wreath to the front door. Light some candles or rub vanilla on light bulbs to create a pleasing aroma, and play some soothing background music when showings take place.

If you want your home to compete against other houses for sale in Fairfield, consider using a Fairfield real estate agent like Julie Walsh who has partnered with a concierge listing service to effectively market your property.