Sellers September 13, 2022

Preparing Your Home for a Fall Sale

Putting your home on the market in the fall is a wonderful time of year to showcase your home’s beauty and charm.  The fall months are the perfect temperature for buyers to be out looking at Westport CT real estate and they allow you, as the home seller, to decorate your home to give it a warm and cozy feeling to entice buyers.  With the leaves falling and beautiful mums blooming it can be such an inviting time to invite people into your home to help them see themselves calling it home one day.

While decorating your home is critically important to bring buyers in there are also some things you should do that are not quite as cozy and warm, but will make a big difference in how your home is received by potential buyers in the fall.  These touch ups can make the difference between a buyer walking through your home and never returning or a buyer walking through your home and falling in love with it.

To make sure your home is ready to be seen take some of these following steps to prepare your home for this fall selling season.

Step #1: Check all walkways and stairs leading to the house and into the house to make sure there are no loose stones or bricks that could present a problem especially as leaves start to collect on them.  Something as simple as a loose brick on a walkway can signal to a buyer that the home is not well-maintained and could be a potential issue.

Step #2: Make sure your pool is covered.  It’s a sad day when the summer season ends and you need to cover your pool, but doing it a few days earlier than usual if you’re planning on selling your home can make a big difference.  A drab and cloudy end of season pool makes a bad impression while a tidied covered up pool is what would be expected this time of the year.

Step #3: Get your gutters cleaned out.  There is nothing that can be a bigger eye sore than having gutters that are cluttered with autumn debris.  If there are pine needles or leaves dangling from the gutters of your home it can be an immediate turn off for buyers.

Step #4: Clear off the roof of your home.  This can be a constant struggle as the leaves begin to fall fast and furious, but if you have someone you can count on weekly to get up on your roof and remove any and all autumn debris from the roof, it will go a long way in making your home standout.  As an added bonus, the buyer will be able to see your roof and assess whether it will need to be replaced in the coming years.

Step #5: Get your chimney checked to ensure that you are able to have a fire in your fireplace.  If there are any loose bricks, get them reset so you can be sure you’re able to have a roaring fire going in the fireplace when potential buyers come through.  There is nothing more cozy then a fire in the fireplace of your New England home.

There is nothing more enticing for a home buyer than a well kept up home where they can feel confident that you are taking care of the little things.  While fall decor can go a long way in giving the home that cozy and warm feeling, it can’t hide the imperfections of your Westport CT real estate.  By taking a little time before your house officially goes on the market to get it prepared to show well, you can put your house on the market feeling great about how buyers will view it as they come through.