Closing Costs

Westport real estate Below are the estimated closing costs on the purchase of a property:

Lender Fees

Application: $200-$500

Appraisal: Often included with application

Points: Varies

Attorney’s Fees: $1,500+/-

Title Search: $100-$150

Title Insurance: $325 per $100,000

Recording Fee: $10 (1 page) – $15 (2 pages)

Tax Escrow: Usually 6 months (determined by lender)

Tax Adjustment: Buyer usually reimburses Seller

Interest Adjustments: Varies with closing date


Other FeesĀ 

Utilities (oil, gas, electric, water): Varies

Common charges (Condos only): Varies with complex

Association Fees: Varies with Association

Insurance: $1,000+ (varies with property)

Administrative Fee: $195 +/-