Relocation October 15, 2021

Relocating From Larger Cities

Benefits, tips, and tricks for making your transition from big-city life to a slower pace a breeze.

So, you’ve tried the big city lifestyle on for size, but now you’re ready to move on. Recent developments and drastic changes in the way you live and work have guided your decision to move to a humble locale. Whether you grew up in a metropolis or moved there chasing bustling city dreams and a fantastic job opportunity, that chapter of your life is coming to an end. You’re finally ready to trade in your big city lifestyle for some laid-back charm.

There are many considerations when relocating to a smaller enclave, such as Westport. Making the transition from busy on-the-go living to a closer-knit community is not always an easy task, but there are ways to make it simpler. Before discussing tips and tricks to make your life-changing move go smoothly, let’s look into the main benefits of relocating to a more intimate township.

Advantages to Enclave Living

People who move to Connecticut’s Gold Coast experience several advantages over nearby city-dwellers. If you have any doubts about relocating, these benefits could reassure you that this move is best for your lifestyle.

  • You’ll get the space you always desired. Having a spacious home with a large garden and backyard might feel overwhelming at first, but it won’t be long before you’re in love with all the possibilities for activities, renovations, adding a pool or jacuzzi, you name it! Moving to a vibrant community like Westport with a family, the larger home will give family members and canine companions much-needed space and privacy. Trust me, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy your newly acquired indoor and outdoor space in no time.
  • Smaller communities often support local arts and culture. People often think that young artsy, bohemian types only live in big cities like San Francisco and NYC, but the truth is that more intimate communities also pose fantastic opportunities for artists to create and thrive. With resources for local performing and studio arts, communities like Westport engage and encourage the arts.
  • Life is slower, more tranquil, and less stressful. You can rest assured that your new life will be free of honking horns, zooming cars, traffic jams, parking problems, crowds, and the like. Westport’s thriving community is wrought with shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities without the hassle of a high-tension commute and constant noise.
  • Some smaller communities offer ample job opportunities and less competition. Given these factors, job security is often stronger. In closer-knit communities, you could have the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with your neighbors, strengthening your networks, and forging lifelong partnerships.
  • Quieter enclaves are excellent for raising a family or retirement. Enjoy living life in the slow lane where crime rates are lower. The mere fact that your children will live in a safer and friendlier place is reason enough to make the move to one of Connecticut’s coastal towns. You’ll likely spend more quality time with your family and engaging in various outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, and more.
  • You’ll feel part of a community instead of a cog in the city machine. Neighbors will greet you by name soon enough, and you’ll feel a genuine sense of belonging. If you’re moving without a partner or family, you’ll find it easier to meet new people and build lasting friendships, and potentially meet the love of your life.

Now that you can breathe easy knowing all of the benefits moving to a community like Westport will reap, let’s delve into these seven helpful tips that will make your move as seamless and low-stress as possible.

Get Involved

So you’ve just moved to a new town, and you don’t have any sort of friends, family, or support system. The top priority after settling into your new house is putting yourself out there to meet new people. The swiftest way to get to know your community is by volunteering. Volunteer opportunities are usually easy to find and include bake sales, charity work, school committees, community events, and more. Check local resources for book clubs and other volunteer opportunities.

Get Ready to Converse

Once you move, you’ll quickly learn that neighbors want to stop and talk to you while you’re doing yard work, walking the dog, or out running errands. Be open to conversing with others to avoid being rude and also increase your chances of developing friendships. You never know when you’ll need a helping hand or a buddy to talk to, so communicating with neighbors now can be helpful in the future.

Drive Around Town

Public transit systems are more sophisticated in cities than in suburban areas. Having a car will be your key to getting around with ease. Use your vehicle to learn where essential establishments are, including coffee shops, bookstores, parks, grocery stores, etc. It won’t be long before your exploration of the town leads you to find your new favorite spots. When you’re out and about, ask locals what the hotspots are and get some recommendations.

Embrace the Culture

Once you’ve decided to trade the constant rush of city-living for something more relaxed, lean into it! Living in Westport provides ample opportunities for exquisite dining and boutique shopping but without the crowds and the constant rush of the city. Still, everything from schooling to relationships is likely to behave a little bit differently, so be ready to face a shift in your expectations.

Business and Personal Combine

Something you will notice about local businesses is how employees often become friends. A clear and precise line separating business from personal often doesn’t exist. Becoming friends with your dentist, barber, doctor, and more is pretty typical. Soon enough, you’ll be calling your grocery store clerk by name and asking about their kid’s swimming competition.

Slow Down

Outside of the city’s hustle and bustle, life moves slower. People stroll, talk slower, and there is simply no reason to rush. Whether you’re grocery shopping, having dinner with family, or grabbing your morning coffee, the pace is significantly more laid-back and at-ease. This could be frustrating at first for big-city slickers, but once you’ve embraced the benefits of a slower, low-stress existence, you’ll love the change.

Exploring Westport, Connecticut

Westport real estate has become highly sought-after in recent times due to its family-friendly atmosphere, picturesque landscape, and beautiful beaches. Many people are trading in their uptempo, stressful city lives for a more relaxed pace, and Westport has become a popular place to make this drastic lifestyle change. Learn more about Westport’s offerings here.

Now that you have a grasp on the benefits of relocating and how to embrace it let’s explore real estate market trends in the historic town of Westport, Connecticut. Westport market research shows that the number of home listings decreased by nearly 42% from 2020 to July 2021. Additionally, homes remained on the market for 46 days in July 2021 versus 73 days in 2020. Single-family homes sold for an average of $1.9 million in 2021, significantly higher than the $1.6 million average sales price of 2020. Townhomes and condos sold for an average of $450 thousand in 2020 versus $650 thousand in July 2021.

All of these stats demonstrate that many people are flocking to Westport to design a more relaxed, low-stress way of living. Property prices are rising as more people exodus from cramped city-living and gravitate toward the endless benefits of suburban. Schools are highly rated, recreation is readily available, and people of all ages are moving to Westport to take advantage of its attractive features.

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